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Ci Labs is a veteran-owned marketing and consulting ideation lab based in Atlanta, Georgia. We thrive on assisting small to medium businesses craft their company identity online as a website 1st focused boutique agency. Companies could spend vast amounts financially on sales leads, recruiting, and account management, but are you correctly portraying your company culture and branding online? Without proper identity and an efficient close, it’s like pouring water in an old bucket filled with holes.

Since our first client over eighteen years ago in 2004 to a recent U.S. Senate campaign, Ci Labs has adapted and delivered the highest quality of honorable service with every client and every project.

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Message From Our Founder

& U.S. Army Veteran
Luke J. Clark

In this age of technology revolutions, there are many do-it-yourself website options, and in some cases, that may be an acceptable route for a business. But for those professionals who find themselves overwhelmed by technology and prefer to focus on their day-to-day operations, that’s where we come in! We strive to maximize your reach while minimizing stress for all things brand-related.

Since my first client project nearly twenty years ago, a lot has changed, but the need to provide high-quality service to our clients has never been greater. Brand integrity, prospect-to-lead conversion, and overall brand impression — they all matter! Just as no two individuals are alike, no two agencies are alike. I certainly believe no firm will match our intensity, drive, and passion to see your company succeed. I would love to earn your business, assist in the growth of your brand, and honorably serve you.

Yours Sincerely,

Luke J. Clark

Luke J. Clark

Did you know?

We work on a Refillable Retainer.

Hours are meticulously tracked by Ci Labs, and you’re only charged for the actual hours completed on your behalf. No free hours for marketing agencies anymore, or at least when you go with Ci Labs.

At the beginning of a stage, you’re filling a refillable retainer. Ci Labs tracks every hour invested for a client, and overestimated hours are rolled into the next stage and then returnable to the client. When clients work with us, they’re paying for our experience and actual work, not for employee training or getting charged for hours we never provided you a service.

What a novel idea for how things should work. We’re doing things how they should be, each time, every time, from strategy and development to billing.

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