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Webmaster Care Program

caring for your website like it's our own.

This program provides peace of mind for our clients and ourselves. There’s nothing worse than your website going down or being hacked, and it happens more than you think. There’s no such thing as a totally safe website. Our worry-free, hands-free maintenance and hosting care program includes security, updates, and backups, as well as minor tweaks and adjustments as needed. See many of the ideation technologies that are included within this program.


It's complete peace of mind for your website, that includes the following:

Hosting + Maintenance


  • Monthly website hosting on SiteGround.
  • Keeping WordPress platform & plugins updated.
  • Daily backup of website.
  • Includes premium plugin and technology costs (Ex: Rank Math, Elementor, etc...).
Time + Monitoring

Care Time

  • Visual inspection monthly of the website to ensure everything is working (speed, broken links, etc...).
  • Check & fix Google Search Console & Google Analytics errors/issues monthly.
  • Includes quarterly strategy meetings with our team where we review the client's website position online compared to industry competitors. Includes an in-depth Semrush report sent to the client.
How we uniquely charge clients

Refillable Retainer

After much thought and conversations with clients, we decided against using the standard practice of marketing agencies to charge a monthly retainer for a set number of hours. We don’t believe charging for hours that a client may not even use monthly is fair. It essentially becomes free, unearned money. Our refillable retainers are essentially escrow accounts where the client funds are debited to cover the Client Care Program and any future work they request from Ci Labs. An invoice is always sent after detailing the funds’ use and the remaining balance.

If at any time you wish to close your account and move elsewhere, any unused funds in your retainer account will be returned in full.

Note: Our clients typically deposit an initial $1,500 to fund the refillable retainer and will be requested to replenish when it drops below $300.

You can move at any time...

Clients on the Care Program can request to be moved to their own hosting plan and retain sole management of their website at any time. Technology costs to keep WP plugins updated will no longer be the responsibility of Ci and will be the responsibility of the client. We’ve certainly seen websites we’ve built last several years without any maintenance, but it’s risky.

See our Honorable Service Agreement page to see the expectations we have for ourselves and of our clients in our business dealings.

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